MOSCOT 20/20: Our Hindsight is our Foresight

 Lena wearing MOSCOT SPRING 2020 in Downtown NYC.

As 2nd Generation, Great Grandpa Sol used to say, “In order to know where you’re goin’, you must understand where you came from.” With 20/20 vision, MOSCOT looks back at its past, with a keen eye on the future.

Tunde wearing The KAVELL in Black.


The MOSCOT Spring 2020 collection and campaign showcase the family’s 105-year-old heritage with new styles that transcend decades. With an appreciation for the classics, the campaign, captured in multiple mediums, illustrates the perpetual presence of MOSCOT’s downtown DNA and design sensibility.

MOSCOT understands that hindsight is foresight, and that is our 2020.

Michael wearing The NACHUS in Havana/Antique Tortoise.

Lena wearing The ARBITA in Champagne.


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